Shakespeare’s Archetypes – Extreme Shakespeare!

And ’tis a kinde of good deede to say well,

And yet words are no deeds.                        Henry VIII, iii, 2.

Intensive two day workshop for actors and singers, exploring archetypes and Shakespeare’s text.  Archetype training is fully embodied, physical and vocal, a way of experiencing different ways of being, of thinking, of imaginative self expression.

Refresh yourself with an immersion in Shakespeare’s words in the company of Hero, Fool, Huntress, Mother, Sage and Trickster (and others).

Using cue scripts, and Original Shakespeare Co’s “rules of the game”, we’ll play with Shakespeare and allow Shakespeare to play (with) us.

This workshop is open to professional, experienced performers and teachers, as well as students preparing for drama college auditions.

“Flloyd is a committed and passionate advocate for the power of the actor. Her knowledge of the literature, theory, practice, and history of the theatre (and of the use of the voice in particular) is deep and comprehensive. Working with Flloyd is like hanging out with an old and dearly loved friend, a friend who will help you to improve and inspire you to greater creativity with laughter and a fierce love of the art form.” John Graham

“Flloyd is a fantastic actress and director… which naturally lends its way to her being a brilliant teacher. I’ve worked with Flloyd as a director first, then I had the opportunity to share the stage with her! But I mostly loved working with her as a student through her Archetypes and Being in Voice classes. She encourages you to explore your imagination through movement and voice. She actually pulls your voice inside out so that you are not only using your “voice”, but the voice within that wants to rise to the surface! I miss her and her classes, very much and only wish I could steal her away from Brissy, and permanently place her in Houston, Texas!”  Lyndsay Sweeney