Clown Actor Workshop in London

Come and play for 4 hours, on Wednesday 5th April, 12 noon to 4 pm. I’ll be in town with Dame June Bloom, performing in the evening, so I’d love to spend some time exploring all aspects of our creativity. From Red Nose to classical Shakespeare performance, who nose better (or whose knows is better?) than the clown how to play? Bring a text, a story, a song, an instrument, an idea or just bring yourself. We’ll work with Ira Seidenstein’s Quantum Clown: Slapstick to Shakespeare techniques to free up a few silly cells in our bodies. Let’s play! Share this Post

Warming Up for Winter

Brisbane is cooling down, but I’m warming up my mission to get the world warming up its voice! This week my students at Film & TV Studio International  joined me in Ira Seidenstein’s Core Mechanics before the actual class began, so we were able to launch ourselves straight into the Humming Warmup. This is a great way to bring voice and body into alignment and focus while literally warming up when the weather is cold.  Within ten minutes we had filled the studio with the most gorgeous warm sound, after which we explored some fabulous gurning faces and voices, courtesy of Dudley Knight’s “Speaking With Skill”. I’m still dreaming of attending the Knight-Thompson two week intensive workshop in Los Angeles in …