Clown Actor Workshop in London

Come and play for 4 hours, on Wednesday 5th April, 12 noon to 4 pm. I’ll be in town with Dame June Bloom, performing in the evening, so I’d love to spend some time exploring all aspects of our creativity. From Red Nose to classical Shakespeare performance, who nose better (or whose knows is better?) than the clown how to play? Bring a text, a story, a song, an instrument, an idea or just bring yourself. We’ll work with Ira Seidenstein’s Quantum Clown: Slapstick to Shakespeare techniques to free up a few silly cells in our bodies. Let’s play! Share this Post

Real and Virtual Travel Adventures

I’ve just returned from a 3 days trip to Sydney, the first time I’ve been there for quite a few years.  It came about because of an invitation to run two workshops for the NSW Speech and Drama Association‘s annual seminar.  They wanted to sample my warmup programs for themselves, so that was the first session.  For the second one, they gave me free range, so I chose to work with them on Shakespeare cue scripts. They also very generously invited me to spend the whole two days with them, joining in all of their activities, including lunches at Bill & Tony’s, dinner at the Pullman Hotel, and a lovely wander down to the Harbour to see the last night of the Vivid …