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My apologies, I have been out of blog-mode for quite some time now. That’s what happens when life and work take over – not unlike a runaway train whizzing down hills and around mountains, expecting to find an uphill slope round every corner that will slow it down.

Instead, there were a couple of bridges down as we approached, which we managed to leap across, jolted but essentially undamaged.

To explain – we had to postpone our production of The Fall of June Bloom till July, (June in July, has quite a nice ring to it!) due to unforeseen circumstances.

So, I’ve been concentrating on the other production I have been involved with, Brave New World Order: a serious rock comedy, and it is now into its second and final week.

BNWO has been quite a journey, with many fascinating performance questions coming out of the rehearsal process. First and foremost of these is: how do you play comedy?  Do you try to be funny, and take the micky out of your character, and the script as you do so, or do you try to be real and allow the audience to find what happens funny in the context of the world of the play?  How is it that some people can be wildly outrageous and yet real at the same time, while others can be deadly serious and straight, and yet still be very funny?  Just where do you draw the line, as a performer, between the outrageous and the real?  Because there is no doubt that sometimes being outrageous turns into disrespectful, while sometimes being ‘normal’ means the humour is totally lost.

As a director, I have struggled to help different actors find their own way to make that difficult choice.  It would be lovely if there were hard and fast rules that everybody could follow, but I don’t believe there are. People are complex, and so is comedy.

Feel free to disagree!

The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will)

Thunder’s Mouth Theatre is proud to present the World Premiere of

The Fall of June Bloom (or What You Will)
a new tragi-comedy by Flloyd Kennedy with William Shakespeare.

at the newly refurbished, re-named Geoffrey Rush Drama Studio (formerly The Cement Box) at the University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane.

This is a novel kind of entertainment, with Dame June Bloom attempting to deliver her world renowned lecture on The Voice of Shakespeare while her world crumbles around her.

8 – 12 June 2010
7.30 pm
Tickets $15 (concession $10)
Bookings: Phone 3365 2552

some reactions to the work-in-progress presentations in Brisbane, Dunedin and New York
"thoroughly engaging, thought provoking, fascinating and charming" . " BRILLIANT!" “What I found interesting were the intellectual concepts – the density and journey of the language”“Weaving Shakespeare’s text with contemporary language was really, really interesting! "“The power of the performance was carried securely by excellent performances” “I loved the open ended mystery" “it’s Hugely funny!" “The play highlights how we can work across generations and across cultures, bringing them together”

You can still contribute to the production fund-raising project, by purchasing unique handmade jewelry items from

With kind regards

Flloyd Kennedy (Ms)
Artistic Director

phone: +61 (0) 414 749 739
Skype: flloyd2010

Words of Wisdom and other insights

I kid you not,  two excellent articles have come my way today, thanks to colleagues on Twitter.

First, read this article from American Theatre January issue, full of rich advice for singers, but boy do these words of wisdom apply to actors also!  It is MORE than essential for actors to develop a solid vocal technique, and to maintain a regular training regime if they want to have a lengthy career.

Next, check out Travis Bedard’s latest blog post, (Cambiare Productions).  He has such perceptive insights into the world of independent theatre, what it is, why it exists, and how it manages to sustain itself in the face of constant predictions of its imminent demise.

Lastly, I have just created a short video, introducing myself and my thoughts on why actors need to work on their voices.

Your comments and ratings would be most welcome.

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