Freshly Reviewed

Here, out of the blue, is a lovely review of the warm up app by voice, accent and text coach  Keely Wolter in the September 2015 VASTA Newsletter. Being in Voice Price: US$3.99 This is VASTA member Flloyd Kennedy’s app, and it is a steal at twice the price.  The app provides a good deal of groundwork for beginners, and a handful of warm ups that range in length and intensity.  I actually use this one often myself, and sometimes do the less intensive exercises in the car during my morning commute.  Flloyd’s lovely voice leads you through each exercise and it is a great way to start your day!  

And Now For Something Completely Different!

News just in… I am about to head over to the UK for a 10 month stint teaching voice at E15 Acting School.  It’s impossible to tell you just how excited I am. First, of course, there is my upcoming solo show, “Yes, Because…” which opens at the New Globe Theatre, 220 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, 6th, 7th and 8th September at 7.00 pm.  Tickets are now on sale online at Trybooking or you can contact me directly, with your phone number and I will call you back to take your booking.  This is a show about acting, touring, ageing, parenting, and – of course – Shakespeare! And I am still working with the delightful film students at FilmTV Studio International for …

Great Group Warmups 1 – The Ball Game

Picture the scene: a group of eighteen intelligent, imaginative and hard working actors, or sales people, or executives, or teachers – for example… They are all present and on the floor in good time for the session, standing in a circle and laughing and chatting nervously, excitedly. Two questions: What is the fastest way to get their attention, to help them to become focussed and to stay focussed for the rest of the session? Why would you want to do that? The quick answer to 2. is easy: because they will learn more if they give the work in hand their full attention. Of course. But more important than that, they will discover that being focussed, and staying focussed takes …

4 Elements of a Great Group Warm up

Yes, I know I’ve written on this topic before, and I promise you I certainly will again, because there is always more to be discovered about the benefits of a warmup up. Specifically, today I want to discuss the reasons why a performance group should always warm up together. The Group Warmup. Anyone who has ever experienced a bad group warmup will want to escape now. Please don’t. Please stick around. Warm ups are like meals. A tough, over-cooked (or soggy under-cooked) one can put you off forever, because it leaves you with nothing but a bad taste and spoils your appetite for the rest of the day. A delicious, tasty, nutritious one leaves you satisfied and enthusiastic to face whatever the day …

From Clear Speech to General American

Sounds easy, but of course there is skill involved, and that takes practice.  Join us for 2 half day workshops on 9th November, and learn the most direct, holistic (in terms of the anatomy of articulation, pronunciation, rhythm and melody) process for speaking skilfully, in any accent. But this time, we’ll be focussing on so-called General American, the accent you will need if you aim to work in  Hollywood movies. Limited places, and these are filling up fast. Contact me to reserve your place with a small deposit.