Some Archetype Players

Today we met The Huntress, whose mantra “I am very strong” can be empowering, and challenging! It’s important to remember that, like any text, the words only need mean what they say as you say them. If you think about it this way, you don’t need to be ‘strong’, for an hour or even a minute. You just need to give yourself permission to be strong – whatever that may mean – as you say the word. Watch the video, and listen. fiona melissa

A kind of Magic

Jean Marc’s comment on yesterday’s class:  “as to the process … it just mystifies me … a sort of magic!” remind me of the old saying about good luck, how it seems to happen more to people who work hard.   Yes, acting that is alive and exciting and involving for both performer and audience does seem to come about as if by magic.  But we know how much work has to go in to getting it to that stage.  What is really important is the kind of work, and I am so pleased to see you all engaging with such commitment to the different tools and techniques I’m spreading in your path. Yesterday, after a very thorough warm-up through the …


April 16 is World Voice Day, Background at Any suggestions for ways we can use this ‘day’ to spread the word about caring for, and acknowledging our real and actual Voices?