Extraordinary Day

What an extraordinary day it was.  Jet-lagged as I was, it was a treat to be taken through the warm-up by the class, to immerse myself in the process.  You worked so well together, confidently and generously. Then the rehearsal.  I hope you all appreciate just what good work you have been doing while I was away.  We did, as you observed, make terrific progress today, but that was only possible because of all the powerful and detailed work you had done already. What was so clear to me today was how the way you work together in the warm up translates into the rehearsal process. The focus and commitment to the work and to each other is tangible, and I felt …


What a great morning we had today! The Roy Hart work went down a treat, and your voices just about exploded the building apart. Then you really played with the sounds in the language, and discovered the physical freedom that accompanies vocal freedom. Keep up the good work. I know it’s hard to practice at home, but just imagine how much your voices will grow if you manage to do a little bit of Cello – Viola – Violin every day – after the vocal function and core mechanics, of course! I have just put the new Resonance Scale with Consonants exercise up on the Handouts page. Enjoy.

The Russian Way

Here is the Russian tongue twister, as promised: Na m(y)eli mwe nalima Len(y)ivoh lavili It would be great if you could learn both lines… And the other one, the bouncy one: Popacatapetl Copper plated kettle and for the really ambitious, there’s a second part which goes Hippopotamus and Mississippi River! See you Sunday, in the basement again.